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We are one of the largest deal-makers to traders, buyers, and suppliers of bulk Agro commodities like Indian rice, wheat, maize, sugar, and animal feeds like soybean meal, Rapeseed Extraction Meal, castor meal, groundnut meal, guar korma, and guar churi. Tradbull a growing commodity trader with a focus ferocious and Non Ferocious metals like Copper, Aluminium, HMS 1& 2, and steel also put a foot on Oil trading with Crude OIL (BLCO, SOMO, SLCO, ) and refined product (D2, JP54, MAZUT (M100), AGO, JetA1, etc.)

15 Years of Experience

Outsourcing products in the international Platform


Fuel that propels us forward toward our goal.

Important features of Tradbull

Observe deadlines

Plan ahead: Communicate clearly: Use reliable suppliers: Use trusted intermediaries: Monitor progress: Have contingency plans:

Quality work

Thorough research and analysis: Strong relationships: Attention to detail: Risk management: Compliance with regulations: Adaptability:


Creativity and Innovation. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving


In rates and quality


Strong work ethic meeting their deadlines and offering quality work


having a higher output than their counterparts.


Holding oneself to high moral principles.

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Driven by a combination of fundamental research, advanced market analysis,

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We are Professional, Experienced and reliable.

Global Network

Our resources of product portfolio over the years proves our worth to our clients. We have been successful for our excellence on numerous occasions with low price best quality being most transparent and with best trading support,

Customized client support

Our diverse set of offerings allows you to have a customized trading journey. You can choose the Product you’d like to trade, The trading platform that suits you best, and your preferred financial payment method.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We believe that extensive market knowledge and diligent discipline can empower you to make solid trading decisions. This is why we are offering you access to a deep pool of resources in the form of high-level educational content,


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