“TRADBULL”, having a rich experience in identification of procurement sources by designing procurement methods, minimizing supply chain costs and with execution of delivery mechanism, ensuring a win-win situation for both the Buyers and Seller’s.

Our procurement network are from farm-to-global market, we ensure that agro processors are able to supply high quality commodities at the most competitive prices and many farmers enjoy the benefits of fair price discovery and efficient post-harvest handling..

Tradbull Rice Exports

Our team has years of experience in sourcing and exporting premium quality Indian rice to various destinations around the globe.

We have established strong relationships with farmers across India who are dedicated to cultivating high-grade basmati rice that meets international standards.

Rice is a staple food for many countries and India is one of the largest exports in the world. As a rice exporter, we at Tradbull experts strive to provide our customers with the highest quality rice varieties from India.

We cater to all varieties of Basmati rice such as Traditional Basmati, Pusa Basmati, 1121 Basmati Sharbati Basmati, and in all forms – Brown, Milled Rice, and Parboiled Rice.

We understand that our customers are looking for quality and consistency in their purchases. Therefore, we strive to provide only the best quality of rice while ensuring that all our products meet international standards.
We are committed to providing exceptional service and timely delivery so that you can enjoy your delicious meals without any worries. this has enabled us to become one of the most reliable exporters in the industry.

Rice VArieties

There are a variety of rice options available from Tradbull, an India-based rice exporter and supplier. They offer different types of rice, including Premium, Organic, and Non-Organic, each with its own unique properties, taste, and texture that work well with different cooking applications. Some of the most popular types of rice from Tradbull include long grain rice, short grain rice, Parmal rice, Sharbati rice, PR14 rice, Brown rice, Red rice, Forbidden rice, Ponni rice, Red rice (also known as Matta Palakkad), Swarna (non-aromatic), IR 64, Idly Rice (short grain rice), and Sona Masuri. Additionally, there are other rice options available that are grown with earth-preserving practices and have great flavor, 

Indeed, there are many different types of rice, each with its own unique qualities and characteristics. The quality of rice can be determined by factors such as grain length, stickiness, aroma, texture, flavor, and nutritional content. For example, Basmati rice is well-known for its long, slender grains and distinctive aroma, while short-grain rice is often used in sushi due to its sticky texture.

At Tradbull, we work closely with local growers to bring high-quality rice to global markets. We are committed to promoting sustainable agriculture and fair trade practices, and we believe that connecting cultures through agriculture trading is an important way to foster understanding and collaboration between people around the world.

Whether you are looking for premium-quality Basmati rice, organic rice, or non-organic rice, we have a wide range of options to suit your needs. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our products or services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you meet your rice supply needs.

  • Manage risk, do better business and meet your obligations: with stand-alone or integrated independent solutions for every aspect of your agricultural and food supply chains
  • Safeguard your consumers: from a primary production point to the point of processing or custody transfer
  • Comply with complex legislation: including local, regional, national and international rules and regulations for production and trade of agricultural commodities and food
  • Ensure correct storage, shipping, packing and distribution: of commodities, food ingredients and food products
  • Ensure quality and safety throughout the diverse supply chains: including raw and semi-manufactured foodstuffs and final products in all principal food segments
Your taste and health are our prime concerns.

At Tradbull, we are excited to announce the release of our new Rice Collection! Our selection is packed with delicious flavors and vibrant colors that are sure to delight your taste buds.

Our selection is packed with delicious flavors and vibrant colors that are sure to delight foodies everywhere.

We take great pride in offering a wide variety of rice options, from premium Basmati rice to organic and non-organic varieties.

We offer a wide variety of rice options, from long-grain Basmati rice to short-grain sushi rice and everything in between. Our rice is carefully sourced from local growers who use sustainable agriculture practices, ensuring that every grain is of the highest quality.

Whether you prefer nutty brown rice or fragrant jasmine rice, our Rice Collection has something for everyone. Not only does our rice taste great, but it also cooks perfectly every time, ensuring that your meals are always a success.

We invite you to try our new Rice Collection and discover the amazing flavors and textures that Tradbull has to offer. Contact us today to learn more about our rice products and how we can help you meet your rice supply needs.

Tradbull Rice collections 

Indian Rice

Rice IR-64 Rice Swarna Rice Sona Masoori Rice Round Rice
Grain length 6.1 mm 5.20 mm 4-5 mm
Broken  5% max 5% max 5% max 5% max
Moisture 14% max 14% max 14% max 14% max
Damaged / Discolored /Yellow /Red / Red Streaked Grains 1.25% max 1.25% max 1.25% max 1.25% max
Foreign Matter including Paddy 0.25% max 0.25% max 0.25% max 0.25% max
Black & Black Tipped 0.25% max 0.25% max 0.25% max 0.25% max
Admixture  1% max 1% max 1% max 1% max
Milling Degree Well Milled Well Milled Well Milled Well Milled
Quality 100% Sortex 100% Sortex 100% Sortex 100% Sortex
Packaging 25/50kg PP Bag 25/50kg PP Bag 25/50kg PP Bag 25/50kg PP Bag

Premium Rice & Basmati Rice

Rice 1121 Rice 1509 Rice Sughandha Pusa Sharbati PR-11
Length 8.3 mm 8.3 mm 7.5 mm 7.5 mm 7.2 mm 6.2 mm
Moisture 13% 13% 13% 13% 13% 13%
Discolored 0.5% max 0.5% max 0.5% max 0.5% max 0.5% max 0.5% max
Broken 0.5% max 0.5% max 0.5% max 0.5% max 0.5% max 0.5% max
Purity of Rice 0.92 0.92 0.92 0.92 0.92 0.92

Available Rice Forms: Sella/ Parboiled Rice, Golden Sella / Parboiled Rice Steam Rice, Raw / White Rice.

Packaging : Tradbull offer’s products in diverse packaging options ranging from the 1Kg pack to 50Kg pack at pocket-friendly prices as per the needs and requirements of our clients. Jute bag, PP bag, Non-woven bag, BOPP bag or as per buyers choice…

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